Tips When Buying a Winter Coat for Women

By Angela Marshall, 5th Oct 2012

Choosing a Winter Coat

Depending on your lifestyle and budget you may well find that one winter coat does not fit your entire lifestyle, as you may have different needs for different occasions. You may need a coat for taking the children to events, commuting to work or for special occasions when you want to look smart and special. Whilst there is no doubt the most important one will be the “everyday coat” and this one may be for work, general out and about –  shopping or visiting people. Whatever you wear it for, it is the one that will get the most wear and will need to suit all weathers and last for a long time.

Everyday Coat

It is worth paying extra for this coat as it will then last for years and it is worth looking in the sales or when department stores offer mid-season discounts. It needs to be a style to suit your figure, so that you feel comfortable and confident. A good tailored coat, in a style complimentary to your body shape and in a neutral colour that compliments your skin tone, will always look good on you. Add different scarves or pashminas and you can change the look. The length of the coat is also important; a long coat can drown you if you are short, whilst the most complimentary is the knee length.  However, chose a length to suit you and allow for the styles of clothes you wear underneath and ensure the size also allows for the items you wear underneath. If you are buying a coat to wear to work over a suit the best thing is to ensure you wear a suit when you go to try the coat on.
The “everyday coat” is best in a classic style and then have an extra coat for other occasions in a more trendy style.

Styles this season for Women

Cape Coat – dressy, smart and can be worn with evening dresses. There are several colours and some with patterns this season.

Military – double-breasted with brass buttons, epaulettes and quilted details are the key fashion this season.

Blanket shrugs – ideal for putting on when you get out of a car and have short distances to go or in the City, or in the warmer autumn weather.

Pattern & Print – this season you will find coats with florals to plaid designs, but this should not be your main coat as it is a trend for this season.

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  1. Rose Peter Graham says:

    Thaanks for the Tips. Very helpful!

  2. Najmin says:

    I like this one. How much is this?

  3. It is last season’s so I don’t think it is available now.

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