To Look Good Clothes Size Doesn’t Matter

By Angela Marshall, 8th Sep 2010

If you pay attention to fashion designers or look in fashion magazines you would think you need to be a size zero to size 8 to look good.   

Thank goodness some designers, like Marc Jacobs, are starting to realise there are many people out there not small framed who can look great and more shapely in bigger sizes. Plus, not everyone is attracted to very tall slim models, some people like more voluptuous people. We all can look good and get noticed whatever our size. The answer is to dress to suit our personality, recognize what suits our shape and size and wear colours that make us look energetic and glowing.

Often people don’t feel good about themselves because they buy the latest fashion that is not the correct style, fit, size or what is appropriate to their wardrobe personality, or they hope to lose weight and avoid purchasing new clothes in a bigger size.  To feel good about yourself ensure you feel good in your clothes, appreciate yourself and then other people will value you.

You can easily look up to date with accessories that are a great and easy way to look on trend.

Wearing clothes to suit you plus adding accessories to compliment your wardrobe personality will:

  • Ensure you will get noticed and not your clothes
  • Enable you to be more upbeat, confident and stylish
  • Make you feel happier about your size and shape
  • Allow you to enjoy life more and people will enjoy being with you

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