Top Tips – How to Have a Great Wardrobe in the New Year on a Budget

By Angela Marshall, 10th Jan 2012

This year is going to be tough according to many economists with the job market and business very competitive, therefore  it is important that you dress well and look professional for your work or business. It is also important to have comfortable and smart clothes for relaxation and social events so you feel and look happy and confident.

After 16 plus years as an image consultant, helping people with their wardrobe, here are Appearance Management ‘s suggestions on what to consider to achieve a great wardrobe:

10 tips for a great wardrobe to suit your lifestyle and budget:

  1. Ensure your clothes fit you well, consider alterations where necessary. It will pay dividends when your clothes look like they belong to you and show your figure at its best.
  2. Ensure your clothes are clean, neat and tidy at ALL times.
  3. Take time to sort your wardrobe. Try mixing and matching items, to give your outfits a different look and make a change.
  4. Mend items when they need it or take them to a tailor or dressmaker. They will last longer and look better. This includes wearing trousers at the correct length so that they do not fray.
  5. Plan what you need for the various events in your life and look out for bargains where you have gaps and need new items.
  6. Colours should mix and match, so choose a family of shades  that suit you and that go with one another. Have key items in neutral shades e.g. black, navy, grey or camel.
  7. Add accessories to your clothes to update them, adapt them for various occasions and to change your look.
  8. Swop with a member of the family or friend, especially items you are not keen on or for an event you do not go too very often.
  9. Dye items when colours have faded or are the incorrect colour to go with your other items.
  10. Have layered items for the changeable weather, wear a vest or thick cardigan in the cold, light weight tops work well in the warmer weather or can be worn underneath on cold days.

The cost of household bills is increasing and so now is not the time to waste money on clothes you do not need or wear. Sorting, organising and planning is key. A little time spent on your wardrobe will pay dividends and will give you extra money for holidays or for saving. Buy the best quality you can afford so they last longer.

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