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It’s Important for Kids to have Social Skills

By Angela Marshall, 10th Apr 2014

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The world is getting smaller; competition is getting stronger for obtaining jobs and doing business. We need to ensure we have every advantage when selling ourselves to people. It is, therefore, important for children to learn manners and social skills from an early age, so that they will be ready for interviews for university, jobs and generally knowing how to meet, greet or entertain customers and clients.

So often I have heard or seen how a person has lost out on a job, a promotion or socially due to their lack of confidence in mixing and mingling, knowing how to behave and having good manners at the table.


So many clothes brands are setting up kids departments and parents are buying clothes often for the kids before themselves as they find it easier to spoil them. The best approach is to teach children how to organise and plan their wardrobe on a budget, so that they have clothes they enjoy wearing and yet know how to wear them in different ways and feel great in them. No doubt if you have two or more children you will notice they often want different clothes, due to having different personalities. But be careful – spoiling them with lots of clothes will only encourage them to have too many clothes in the future, with obvious financial consequences!


When your child wants to purchase an item, have them go to the counter to pay for it and teach them to check the change and to thank the assistant and smile. This will encourage them to engage with strangers and to be confident and polite.


For children to be successful in life, they need to have good social skills as well as academic skills. If you help young children to learn how to be polite and caring, they will continue to use good manners and become more socially aware as they get older.

Your kids may not appreciate this advice at the time, but it is one of those things that they will thank you for later in life. The sooner you teach your children, the easier it will be for them as they get older. Good manners do not come by themselves, they need to be taught.

Parents should always remember that the best way to teach manners is to lead by example, although they must also allow the child time to learn. Action speaks louder than words.

Next week I will have some suggestions and ideas to help prepare your children to have a great image.


Manners on the BBC – The Voice and Queen’s Visit

By Angela Marshall, 10th Jun 2013
0 – what were you doing?  No respect and no manners!

So, rather than tell your Team who was going through to the next round preferred to keep them waiting and “tweet” it to his followers first.

We all love to take pictures when attending a great occasion or tweeting about something exciting. But on Friday evening on the “The Voice,” found it more important to tweet who he was saving for the next round rather than tell the three people involved face to face. The message he was giving to me was that his followers and fans were more important and needed to be posted first so he can gain more followers, rather than showing respect and consideration to his team. In the future the Producer should ban him from using his phone whilst on air.

When the Queen recently visited the new BBC building many of the staff chose to take photos on their phones and later tweet them. It should be an occasion to show how much people enjoy meeting her Majesty and to behave with courtesy, giving full attention and eye contact to her. The Queen is always very graceful and this was a time to show respect to her, particularly as an older person who is unlikely to be regularly using social media herself. Read the article in the Sunday Mail.

Even in the modern era of technology we should not forget the feelings and thoughts of other people we are with. Good manners are about showing respect and consideration to others.

The BBC seems to have forgotten British manners.

Choose Team next time?  Not if you want manners and consideration!!

Business Scene Networking

By Angela, 2nd Mar 2009

Bus Lunch iStock_000005908817SmallNetworking is a very important part of every day life whether for business or social. Networking correctly can help develop your skills of business know-how. It helps grow your confidence and you need to ensure you have good manners. Networking broadens your outlook as you meet different people from different walks of life.

This is a picture of me at the recent Business Scene event held at Mercedes Guildford, Surrey. Over 100 people from the South East attended the event.

Networking is part of Appearance Management workshops

What is Etiquette and Manners?

By Angela, 14th Jan 2009

MannersEtiquette is the rules of social behaviour that have evolved over centuries, whilst manners are how these rules are applied.

Manners in the United Kingdom – Royal and State occasions require the most formal behaviour. In the United Kingdom Royal or State functions are organised by Buckingham Palace and anyone invited to such a function are given guidance on dress codes and how to greet the Royal family.

There are differences between social and business etiquette, e.g. in a business context men and women must be given equal treatment; any distinctions are determined by rank and position. In a social context, on the other hand, women often find that men may show a level of attention like hold the door open or pull out a chair.

Good manners may not be commented on but bad manners never get forgotten.

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