Tribute to Michael Jackson

By Angela Marshall, 28th Jun 2009

Since Michael Jackson died on 25TH June tributes all round the world have been made and radio and TV stations have been continually playing his music. He certainly had a great talent not only with music but also with his dancing routine. He has changed music and the way songs have been performed. I personally have never seen anyone move so well and perform so professionally has him. Stuart and I have been “Motown” fans, which got us talking when we first met. We were lucky enough to see The Jacksons and Michael Jackson perform on several occasions.

He had a dress style of his won that reflected who he was and as I mentioned in my book he was a “Creative” personality, but also a “Gamin” that typically strived for perfection in his music and dancing profession. I like others have been playing many of his songs and like Elvis a talent that has left us with many great memories.

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