Update Your Wardrobe -Tips for Storing Your Summer Clothes

By Angela Marshall, 10th Sep 2012

Now is a good time to evaluate the clothes in your wardrobe and store the summer clothes you will not wear until next year. If you are planning a warm holiday abroad before next summer, store them until you need them to protect them. Not everyone has the space to keep all their clothes in their wardrobe and even if you do the clothes you wear the most should be accessible.

7 Tips – What to consider for storing your summer clothes

  1. Evaluate the clothes in your wardrobe and decide what you will not require until next summer.
  2. Don’t keep clothes that are worn out.
  3. Repair items before you store them.
  4. Launder or have items cleaned before you put them away.
  5. Store and protect the clothes from dust, moths by covering them in bags or in stackable boxes.
  6. Unworn clothes – don’t fit, don’t like or now too young – give away, donate or sell on eBay.
  7. Clean your storage bags and containers thoroughly before packing the clothes away.

Remember this applies to the rest of the family –  check out your children’s clothes or remind your partner.

Picture credit: http://www.totalwardrobecare.co.uk/xcart/Clothes-Storage-Set.html


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