Upgrade Your Personal Image – Have the Right Clothes for You

By Angela Marshall, 4th Mar 2011



The way we dress gives out lots of messages about us. It doesn’t matter what age, size, colour or race we are we need to express who we are – Being Truly You.

Wardrobe Personality – we all have different taste and preferences with our clothes, so it is important we feel as well as look good in our clothes. To do this be aware of what fabrics, style and accessories you enjoy wearing. The clothes you wear and how you wear them are giving out lots of messages about you as an individual. Your style will indicate whether you are trendy, classic, creative, dramatic, conservative, sporty or casual. You clothes even give out a message whether or not you are a tidy or untidy person or whether you pay a great deal of attention to details or are we more looking at the “big picture.”

To look your best in your clothes, whether formal or for casual, you need to ensure you are well groomed and that your clothes compliment your shape and fit you well.

Style of clothesunderstand what styles of clothes suit your shape and please avoid bringing attention to your weaker areas.

Alterations – It is so easy to purchase of the peg clothes and to have them look bespoke with alterations. Yet so many people ԁο not think of alterations or appreciate the benefits of having them. Some people just do not want to pay the extra and yet when you do the clothes will look like they have been made for you, flatter your figure and give you greater style.  They will also last longer. Examples are shortening the sleeves of a jacket or length of trousers, taking in a skirt or trousers in at the waist or hip. It is important to purchase clothes to fit your largest part and then have the items altered where they are too big.

Change your lifestyle – when your lifestyle changes then so should your wardrobe e.g. job change to a more informal or formal, going for a job interview, had promotion or looking for promotion, personal life changes – have a family, get divorced, retire.

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