Wardrobe Investments

By Angela Marshall, 19th Dec 2010

It is important to invest in some good quality classic items for your wardrobe, that do not go out of style and are versatile you will then save money by adding them to fashion trends. The clothes will also last you for many years thus save money.

Appearance Management suggested classic items are:

Winter Coat and Rain Coat

If you need a winter coat or rain coat the sales are a good time to purchase one. It is a long term available investment, so buy a style that will look good for several seasons. There are several styles of coat to be had this season from cocoon, military, duffle and in many colours from the neutral black, greys to bright colours in slouchy, shaped and strict tailoring styles.

Tailoring is Back, but More Versatile

The sales are an ideal time to get a good jacket or blazer at a reasonable price that will last you for years. Key is that the jacket has the 3 Fs – fit, fabric and finish. Alterations are important and well worth the money but see a good tailor or seam mistress.

Note: Consider when purchasing a jacket will it suit wearing with a skirt, trousers  or jeans, so that it can be worn in different ways and dressing it up or down to suit the occasion.

Shirt or Blouse

Purchase a good neutral plain colour shirt or blouse to go with all items e.g. white or cream according to your skintone.

A Good Quality Handbag or Briefcase

A good quality handbag or briefcase will make you look like a million dollars. They should be in your best neutral e.g. black, navy or brown in a rich leather. This wardrobe essential will look professional and give you a stylish look.  The handbag in a medium-size, simple-shaped is adaptable and stylish for all occasions.


Mix and Match Your Items

When purchasing the key classic items ensure you can mix and match the items in colour and style.

Women – skirt with jacket or cardigan, trousers with blouse or jacket, using the various tops and jackets with your smart jeans – modern tailoring is not necessarily about buying suits.

Men – wear a jacket with trousers or jeans; over a shirt or t shirt; add a cardigan  or waistcoat instead of a jacket.

Need help with your wardrobe then image consultant company  Appearance Management  can help you. Call or email now for advice and guidance.

We are based in the south east of London , 25 miles from Central London, Heathrow and Gatwick.

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