Watch and Learn

By Angela Marshall, 1st Jul 2014


I recently listened to Bruce Forsthye on the Paul O”Grady show who made the comment it is important to watch and learn from other people. As an all round performer who can dance, crack jokes, present quiz shows culminating in the well known “Strictly Come Dancing” he said in his youth he watched Sammy Davis Jnr.

Whatever we want to achieve in life we can learn from a variety of people by picking up ideas, the way they move, dress or even walk and talk. When you admire someone it is good to “watch and learn” but then to practise and practise and achieve your own interpretation.

I had a boss who had a wonderful manner and great time keeping. He always managed to close a meeting or interview very politely without coming across as rude or cutting people off abruptly. It was a skill that took practise and like all things looks and appears easy when perfected.

Professional sports people and musicians only get to the top of their game by practising and practising. Often a top musician will mention someone in the past who inspired them to work hard.

Watching the world cup football will no doubt inspire some young children to work hard and practise and no doubt we will hear about them in years to come.

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