Wearing Clothes for the Right Situation

By Angela Marshall, 11th Oct 2012

It is important to wear clothes you feel comfortable and confident in, but it is also important to wear clothes that are right for the situation. I notice, lately, that TV presenters have inappropriate clothes on whilst delivering the news. A presenter was wearing a black top with white polka dot pattern; this was giving my friend a headache and made her want to turn away (although the top itself was nice and looked good on the presenter). In the same programme the weather presenter was wearing a red dress which outlined too much of her breasts, resulting in attention being drawn to the wrong place. This was very distracting and certain people’s concentration, especially men, will be diluted from the importance of the weather.

A work dress code

Many companies have work dress codes, giving employees guidance on their expected set of  standards and what they regard as appropriate to wear to work. Dress codes range from formal to business casual to casual. If you are going for an interview it is important to check with the company if they have set rules. Consider telephoning the receptionist and asking her or check out the people when they leave the office. Be aware in large organisation divisions and departments can vary.

Evening Events & Dinners

It is always important to check invitations – do you need to wear formal black tie and women cocktail dress, or is it lounge suits?

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