What Business Women can Learn from Margaret Thatcher’s Style

By Angela Marshall, 5th Jan 2012

Baroness Margaret Thatcher

With sad news I hear that Margaret Thatcher has died today.  Whether you admired her or not, as the first woman to become the leader of a political party and then to go on to be the first woman Prime Minister in the UK there are some things us women can learn from her “signature look”.

Margaret Thatcher changed her style over the years and learnt to understand what suited her and what she felt comfortable in. Her wardrobe personality type was very much a classic – romantic. She enjoyed her power dressing skirt style suits but softened them with romantic pretty blouses. As a woman who worked in a man’s environment she learnt to have clothes to suit her and her position.


What are the things we can learn from Baroness Thatcher’s style and approach to clothes:

  1. She knew what styles complimented her shape and that she felt comfortable in
  2. She was always well presented, neat and tidy
  3. She bought quality, value for money, with very good tailoring
  4. She chose a few classic items as her key pieces that would last and added several blouses that would mix and match with her classic suits and add variety
  5. She wore dresses and coats when travelling so that her outer coat looked fresh and pristine when she stepped off the plane to meet other foreign leaders
  6. Her evening wear was simple and elegant and skirts could be mixed with a variety of tops
  7. Ensured she always looked her best 7 days a week, as she worked 7 days a week, and she was aware that she never knew who would see her
  8. She chose block colours and wide shoulders to compliment her shape, only changing the details of sleeves and nothing exaggerated in her styles.
  9. Her accessories (shoes, bags and jewellery) were very good quality, classic style to reflect her wardrobe personality and always went with all her outfits.
  10. She was conscious to always have a budget. Margaret Thatcher’s style may not be our own wardrobe personality or suited to the business we are in, but we can all learn how to use the principles for a good basic wardrobe that will be the foundation of looking simple and elegant as a professional woman.

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