What Clothes to Pack for Holiday or Travelling

By Angela Marshall, 3rd Jun 2011

As an image consultant I am often asked what to consider when packing for a holiday or for business. How much and what you want to pack will be affected by your wardrobe personality . You may well be a person that takes very little or a person that wants to take lots of choice including shoes and accessories and struggle to limit yourself.

I am definitely the latter and much prefer to go by car or on a cruise so I have no limit. However I do find, by planning and sticking to some rules, I take a lot less than I use to and I am with my choices.

Whether packing for your holiday or for business you need to pack a limited amount,  particularly with the airline restrictions. You also need to be able to mix and match your clothes and be able to decide quickly what to wear to what. Often, if on holiday with your children, you are in a hurry to go somewhere or business events can run late to allow sufficient time to think what to wear.
So the key thing is to plan ahead what you need for what. Be aware of the number, weight and size of bags you are allowed so you don’t receive excess luggage fees.

Remember Important Information when Packing:

  1. Ensure you have holiday or health insurance
  2. Advice credit card companies you will be abroad and destination
  3. Have a passport, if needed, and check expiry date
  4. Check your airline tickets for date and time
  5. Batteries for computer/camera
  6. Recharger for laptop/ mobile phone
  7. Credit cards
  8. Drivers licence
  9. Keys
  10. Luggage labels and correct size case

Packing Tips:

  1. Colours – choose no more than 3 different colours plus two neutrals
  2. Choose items that will mix and match e.g. a shirt or top that can be worn with different trousers or skirts.
  3. Packing style – roll, fold or bundle , according to type of clothes and fabrics
  4. Shoes – avoid taking too many as they weigh and take up space. Choose for comfort, casual and more formal or beach wear
  5. Accessories – take a mixture of accessories to change your look
  6. Fabrics – try to avoid fabrics that crease or fold them in tissue paper and pack on the top
  7. Separate bags – use plastic zip bags for toiletries, medication, make up, contact lenses,  and shoe cleaning kit if needed
  8. Essentials  – sunglasses, iplayer, earplugs, mobile, books, shaver, toilet bag, underwear
  9. Identification – don’t forget to place identification tags with your name, address and phone number on all of your baggage, including your laptop computer. It is a good idea to place an identification tag inside your baggage as well.
  10. Arrival – open case and hang items up as soon as you get to your room

Remember to give your travel details to family and friends in case of emergencies.

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  1. Good Topic can i translate it to french Lang ??

  2. yes fo course. Thanks for contacting me.

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