What Feel of Fabrics & Textures Do You Enjoy Wearing?

By Angela Marshall, 3rd Oct 2012

Fabrics & Textures You Enjoy

Do you ever consider the type of fabric or texture you enjoy wearing and feel comfortable in and conversely, what you don’t?
Do you know the difference in the various fabrics?
There is a huge variety of fabrics, including a mix of fabrics and new synthetic fabrics, on the market. When you know what fabrics you love wearing and ones you do not, it will help you when shopping or buying clothes online. You can then ensure you buy what you love and avoid buying what you don’t.

Wardrobe Personality

Your wardrobe personality has a great influence on the fabrics and textures you like and dislike. Some personalities are happier in natural fabrics whilst others enjoy synthetic fibres. For example some people love linen as it keeps them cool in the hot weather, whilst other people absolutely hate linen, as it is constantly creased and they dislike the feel of it. Some people like crisp cotton whilst others prefer softer jersey cotton.

Buying Clothes

When buying clothes, texture creates an impression that is understood by our senses of sight and touch. It can also create an illusion e.g. smooth fabrics can make you look slimmer, whilst bulky fabrics can make you look heavier. Dull fabrics make you look smaller, whilst shiny fabrics bring attention to your body.
Check out labels when purchasing clothes, so that you know whether you will like the feel of them and when trying clothes on be aware how you feel in the fabric and not only what you look like.

Washing Instructions

It is important to know how to look after fabrics and how easy they are to wash. If you are a person who likes easy wash and go, then you may find certain fabrics that need special care are not suited to you. Some items are easy to wash whilst others need particular fabric wash and low temperatures or even drycleaning. Some fabrics will vary according to the quality and type of fabric e.g. Wool. This is a natural fabric that is made from animal coats.You have alpaca, worsted, merino, angora, mohair and cashmere. Some of these are itchier to wear than others.  Some are softer but need more care when washing.
Picture Credit: http://www.nma.gov.au/education-kids/families/diy/wrapped

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