What is Wardrobe Personality?

By Angela Marshall, 17th Feb 2012

Have you ever wondered why one person’s idea of smart dress is completely different from another? Why some people are quite flamboyant with their clothing whilst others can be very reserved? Do you have friends or colleagues that are always in a rush and are more often than not late for events or meetings? Do you notice how some people are very detailed whilst others look for the bigger picture. How some people like change whilst others do not.

It is well understood that how we dress is a strong indication of what we are like as a person. What you show on the outside is an indication of what is on the inside. We give out messages about our inner self, our approach to life, about our individual personality. It is not necessarily a case of right versus wrong, although it can be a case of appropriate or inappropriate. Your clothes play an important part in how you come across to others.

As an image consultant, I think it is very important for me to understand a person’s wardrobe personality, so that I can help them to choose clothes that they will not only look good in but will also make them feel good and have┬ámore confidence. As this is so important I decided to write two books on the subject with a questionnaire so that people can work out their wardrobe personality type and also receive tips on what brands of clothes they will enjoy.

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