What to Consider When Choosing an Outfit for a Wedding

By Angela Marshall, 22nd Aug 2011

One of the areas I find, as an image consultant,  that client’s need help with is what to wear for a wedding.

There are several things you need to ask yourself:

  1. Am I a key member of the guest list?(bride’s mother and want to stand out from the crowd)?
  2. Do I need to ensure I do not clash with other members of the family? Bride’s mother or bridegroom’s mother, re photos – who shall I be standing next to.
  3. What time of day is the wedding and will I need more than one outfit? Example: Day Reception and evening event, or one outfit as late afternoon to evening event.
  4. What type of ceremony is the wedding? Invitations should give guidance – Morning or lounge suits, military, Scottish,   black tie, winter, summer, by the sea.
  5. Does it have a theme e.g. religious, vintage, fun and unique, jazz?
  6. Will  it be advisable to hire an outfit e.g. morning suit, black tie or evening dress?
  7. What is my budget for my outfit and accessories?
  8. Can I buy during the sales? Will it be the right time of year – too late or too early?
  9. What type of outfit can I buy that I can possibly wear it or some of it in my lifestyle afterwards?
  10. Do I need a hat?

Whatever type of outfit you decide it is important that you ensure the outfit fits you well (no bulges and wrinkles where they shouldn’t be) and that you feel great in it as well as look great. Otherwise you will feel uncomfortable and you will show this with your body language and not enjoy the day.

Look smart and dress appropriate making sure that you are not wearing extremely short outfit or a very low cleavage. Wear an outfit that suits the occasion and reflects your wardrobe personality in a stylish way.

If you need to wear a hat ensure it compliments your outfit e.g. a flowery or pattern outfit has a plain simple hat, a simple outfit will take a more flamboyant hat. The size should reflect your structure and the colour should be lighter than your shoes not the other way around. Otherwise you will look shorter.

Be polite, avoid getting drunk and boisterous. However, do enjoy the day and ensure you smile! It’s a happy event.

Finally, remember to write and thank the hosts.

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