What to Wear on Christmas Day

By Angela Marshall, 5th Dec 2011

Angela marshall - Christmas Royal Family

Christmas Day is a day when families get together and have their own traditions. This can change as the family changes with added  members, young children or when everyone becomes all grown up. It should be a day that everyone enjoys, whether you are hosting, a guest, eating out or having a quiet day with your partner or friend. It is important you dress for the occasion and also feel good in your outfit. It may be you are going to several homes with different environments, and then you can adapt your accessories or change accordingly.

If you are attending church why not follow the Royal Family’s tradition who always turn the Christmas Day church service, at Sandringham, into a very special occasion wearing wonderful bright coats and smart hats.

When I invite people to my home, as an image consultant, I advise them to dress to suit their personality and as long as they are neat and tidy that’s fine with me as I want them to enjoy the day as well as feel comfortable. Some people like to be relaxed and casual whilst others like to dress up. Even young children have a wardrobe personality and this will also apply to them.

It doesn’t need to cost to look good on the day. Wear a nice cardigan or blouse with jeans, trousers or skirt. Add different shoes, scarf or necklace. Female – add some makeup, especially  if you don’t usually wear it.  Male – wear some casual smart shoes with jeans and a nice shirt or jumper.

Different personalities and what they will like wearing:

Casual  – will want to be in informal clothes such as joggers, jeans and rather unkempt

Sporty – will want layered clothes, nothing too fussy, easy going

Gamine/Gamin – informal but tidy such as jeans with neat t-shirt and/ or jumper

Classic – traditional items looking reasonably smart

Chic – stylish and elegant and smart to represent the occasion

Dramatic – something that makes a statement, whether the colour, the accessories or the style

Romantic – will no doubt wish to have some sparkle, colour with some accessories and for a women -full make up and  high heels or shoes/boots  with colour and/ or some detail

Fashion Fad – the latest fashion and newest item purchased

Ingénue/Dandy – look neat and colourful with sparkle or shimmer. Ingénue  – girly and colourful with fancy makeup. Dandy rather dapper, some colour and very neat.

Creative – something different, whether a mix and match or something from a charity shop they have adapted  but  unusual combinations, fabrics or accessories.

Want to know more about wardrobe personality I suggest you read my book “Being Truly You – Discovering Your Own Unique Wardrobe Personality” for men and for women.  Have fun and complete the Questionnaire and find out your wardrobe personality type as well as that of  your family and friends.

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