What to Wear on Valentine’s Day

By Angela Marshall, 1st Feb 2012

Whether you are having a date with someone you don’t know very well; a long term partner or dinner in with your husband of 30 years it is an ideal time to spend some romantic time talking and eating over dinner and having some personal time together.

What you wear will very much depend on:

  • How you want to come across – trendy, sexy, romantic or classic
  • Where you are going – eating in an expensive restaurant, low-key dinner,  cinema/theatre and dinner,  at home or local bistro
  • If you don’t know, then wear something that you feel fits in with several options. e.g. woman – favourite dress, favourite smart jeans or trousers/skirt and top with a nice jacket/cardigan. Man –  a  colourful /pattern shirt with smart jeans or trousers with a smart jacket

As an image consultant I would say it is key to look like you have made some effort e.g. women well applied makeup and hair. Men – neat hair, a special shirt and some smart shoes. Pink is the most loving of colours and red is exciting and emotional and has the maximum visual impact, blue is calming, green is relaxing and restful.

Ensure you look happy, shoulders and neck relaxed.  Smile and enjoy the evening. Remember your manners, be polite. It is generally appropriate for the man to pay, but in the modern world it may be you share or if you are a woman who has asked the man out you may wish to pay, but whatever, the person treated needs to ensure they thank on the evening plus telephone, send a text, note or email next day to say a thank you and something about the evening .

My husband always cooks and often includes some blini and caviar and I supply a bottle of champagne, as he cooks and I study wine! So cheers to a great evening!

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