What to Wear when Returning to Work After Maternity

By Angela Marshall, 6th Feb 2013

When you return to work after maternity leave it can be very distressing to adjust back into the working world. Your routine will be different, especially if this is your first child. You might also be concerned about what to wear to work? Your figure no doubt has changed and you may still be carrying extra weight. Your job may also be different, some days you may work from home.

On your first day and first week, particularly, you will want to look your best to show you are back in business and looking and feeling the part! If you work from home, I suggest you still dress smart,  so it helps you to look, think and feel the part.

10 ideas & tips to consider:

  1. Ensure you have good under garments. Consider wearing spanx if you still have a tummy or extra weight. Update your bras; ensure you are wearing the correct size.
  2. Always be Well Groomed – ensure your clothes are well pressed; nails, hair and shoes are clean.
  3. Allow time to get ready – ensure you allow the minimum of time  e.g. 30 – 40 minutes with some extra for the unexpected.
  4. Update or change your hairstyle to suit your new lifestyle as well as your personality.
  5. Make-up – have a simple and quick routine, practise beforehand if it is some time since you have worn make-up.
  6. Have work and home outfits separate– have items for work suited to your job and for home have items that are easy to wash. It helps to keep your attitude and mind separate.
  7. Wardrobe Management– organise and plan your wardrobe; have items that mix and match.
  8. Know and understand your wardrobe personality – helps your confidence and to look and feel good.
  9. Have a selection of accessories – jewellery, scarves and shoes that  update, change or dress up your outfits.
  10. Purchasing Clothes – don’t rush out and purchase lots of clothes; buy a few items at a time and certainly don’t purchase items hoping you will lose weight to wear them.

Always look in the mirror before you leave for work. Check yourself as others will!

Picture credit: http://karenmason10.wordpress.com/change-programmes/beyond-maternity/

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