What’s your style a Beckham vs Brand or Moss vs Adele

By Angela Marshall, 20th Mar 2014


Your Wardrobe Personality

Whose style do you admire?

Men – David Beckham, Russell Brand, Andy Murray, Ne-Yo, Justin Timberlake, Prince William or Prince Harry or from the past James Dean (a style back in fashion), Clark Gable to Fred Astaire?

Women – Kate Moss, Duchess of Cambridge, Emma Watson, Cameron Diaz or Dawn French or from the past Princess Di, Jacqueline Kennedy, Mary Quant to Audrey Hepburn?

All of these people have a style that reflects their wardrobe personality.

Ask yourself:
  • Do you know your style and wardrobe personality?
  • Do you know why some clothes you feel good in and others you don’t even if they all fit you well?
  • Have you worn clothes you admire on others, but in which you feel uncomfortable and not yourself?

When you understand your wardrobe personality it helps you to appreciate what styles of clothes you feel good in as well as look good. It, also, helps you to adapt your clothes for various situations and yet still feel good in them.

I spent over 10 years studying wardrobe personality, as an image consultant, before I decided to write books for men and women on the subject. For me to help people have a great wardrobe I needed to appreciate their personality, so that they would enjoy wearing their clothes to suit their lifestyle as well as feeling confident in them.

Understanding your wardrobe personality includes knowing the fabrics,  styles  and accessories you enjoy wearing. It can help by asking family or friends to give their opinions and feedback to help you work out what you enjoy.

Here are some questions to help you:

  1. What is your approach to clothes – love them or little interest in them; like to be formal or informal; trendy, classic, creative, or sporty; relaxed & sloppy or neat & tidy?
  2. What is your wardrobe like – too many clothes or few clothes, high fashion or not interested in fashion, organised or a mess?
  3. What kind of fabrics do you like – natural and comfortable, neat and fitted, mixture of synthetics; added lycra for ease of movement? My advise is don’t purchase an item if you do not feel good in the fabric.
  4. Which styles do you like – do you like a variety of styles, like to make a statement, constantly adapting your look or a person that likes a simple timeless look? Do you like fancy details, plain and simple or high fashion and the latest trends? Do you like layers and an ease of movement, relaxed & comfortable or well-fitted stlyes?
  5. Do you like sharp crisp or soft fibres – crisp cotton or jersey; velvet or gaberdine; stiff or soft fibres?
  6. Accessories – little or lots; simple or bold; cheap or expensive, latest style or classic?
  7. What do you think of when buying shoes – practical and comfortable; colourful or neutral colours; plain or fancy; high fashion or classic; lots or only when needed?
  8. Colours & Patterns –  do you enjoy lots of colour, neutral shades or earthy and soft tones?  Plain, pattern or a mixture of items?

Answers to these questions should help you to know what you like and how to avoid what you dislike. Pull out the clothes you love and those you never wear and ask yourself why? Understanding your wardrobe personality will help you not waste money on clothes you will not enjoy, not wear or feel uncomfortable in.

For more information and detail I suggest  you read my books for Men and for Women.

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