When Are you Too Old To Wear Jeans?

By Angela Marshall, 14th Mar 2012

Joan Collins has a new book out  and she recently mentioned on the BBC Breakfast that women over 40 should be careful wearing jeans and then only in a dark colour and with a jacket. For more detail, read the article in the Daily Mail. One of her comments stated:

“No one is born glamorous, but anyone can acquire glamour”.

Furthermore,  Wayne Hemmingway, fashion designer,  mentioned on the BBC Breakfast, that he no longer wears jeans as he thinks when you get to a certain age you shouldn’t wear them.  He has revamped his wardrobe.

So what age do you think you should be when you don’t wear jeans?

I think it depends on:

  • Wearing the correct style for your figure.
  • Preferably wear a jacket (as you get older and have a less firm, flabbier or no bum).
  • Match the tops to your jeans to suit your shape and the style of the jeans.
  • Whether you feel comfortable and they reflect  your wardrobe personality
  • Where you wear them, is it appropriate for the occasion and do they represent you properly.

My 90 year old father-in-law looks good in jeans and loves wearing them. Since he reached 80 years of age  he only wears then when he is doing house chores, going for a walk in the woods or coming to us for a BBQ; he never wears them to go into town or to a restaurant.

I wear jeans to do house chores, gardening and sometimes food shopping. They are dark brown or dark navy, never pale jeans. I, also ensure that my items on the top are covering my weaker areas and the style is complimentary to my shape. My wardrobe personality  is also not comfortable with denim. I have only enjoyed wearing jeans since lycra was added. I hate stiff cotton fabrics. Whereas, my husband loves stiff cotton and feels comfortable in denim.

The key is depending on what wardrobe personality type you are – sporty, gamin/e and casual personalities will be  the most comfortable and keen to wear them. Dramatics, Fashion Fads and Romantics will enjoy this season’s coloured and pattern jeans.

The latest fashion of bright coloured and pattern jeans will bring more attention to your bottom half, so how good is your bum and legs?

Image credits: Wayne Hemmingway via Hemmingway Design and Donna Ida Tops Designer Collections.

2 Responses to “When Are you Too Old To Wear Jeans?”

  1. Shona Easton says:

    Haha, Great post Angela!

    I decided to check out your blog again after your (lunchtime) comment about me in jeans today! Yes, I am over 40 and YES I do love jeans! I think they suit me better than formal trousers and I would perfer to dress up a pair of (new dark demin) jeans with a smart casual jacket or even a really smart jacket, than to wear a pair of formal trousers with….what (I don’t know – not for me then!)

    PS: I was in casual mode today – just back from travels – hope you didn’t mind 🙂 Oooh, and my new jeans are a Canadian brand (Garage) LOVE them for fit!

  2. You always look good in jeans and they really suit your personality and the style and colours compliment your figure. Garage brand – I will look out for them when I am in Canada.

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