White and Black Women can be happy with a Curvaceous Body

By Angela Marshall, 9th Mar 2012

An interesting article by Mica Paris,  in the Daily Mail 8th March, “Why we black women are happier with our bodies than our white friends.”

As a Welsh white woman with a curvy body there are several of us white women with a curvaceous body who would also not wish to have a straight figure and prefer to be made with breasts, bottoms and well-developed quads.  We are, in general, happy with our shape, both allowing for and considering our age.

Mica mentions,  what she was taught by her grandmother.  I whole heartily agree as I was also taught by my grandmother and over the years have developed and learnt how to make the most of what I have rather than wishing for what I haven’t.   In short I have learnt to:

  • Always pay attention to your appearance.
  • It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, just good planning each season and only buying what you need.
  • Always be well groomed – clean nails, hands, hair, shoes and well pressed clothes.
  • Don’t step outside the door until you have checked yourself in the mirror.
  • Dress to suit you, your shape and not what is in a magazine.
  • Looking good makes you feel good and gives you confidence.

Whatever your skin colour and body shape it is important you make the most of yourself. Always give yourself a little time and make some effort then you will reap the rewards, feel happier and people will enjoy being with you.

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  1. Shona Easton says:

    Fabulous article Angela and I clicked through to read Mica Paris in the Daily Mail too. I really dislike the way so many women get obsessed with their bodies. Just look around, everyone is completely different! As you say, we all just need to work on dressing for our own body shapes and then we will look and feel great!

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