Why do TV Football Presenters Love their Dark Colours?

By Angela Marshall, 4th Mar 2011

Why do so many football presenters on television wear such dark clothing, black ties and often black shirts, when many of them need to be in bright and light or warm tones (particularly red heads)?

I regularly watch football with my husband and like to hear what the panel have to say at half time or at the end of the match.  It is good to hear their informed views and is something different to what I hear ringing in my ears during the match itself (yes Stuart, my husband, gets rather excited, especially when his team is losing). It’s amazing how men who watch football think they could do it so much better!

Anyway, back to their clothes.  I get very distracted, instead of listening to their comments I notice the wrong colours (and sometimes wrong styles) of the clothes the panellists are wearing which looks like “the clothes are wearing them not them wearing the clothes”!

What these men may not realise is that wearing the wrong colours and in particular opposite to what they should wear will make them look pale, tired, more drawn and even older!  As most footballers seem to be rather vain why don’t they make sure they are in their best colours? They need to have an image consultation including colour analysis.

Black absorbs all colours and when worn is often an indication that people are opinionated, unwilling to relinquish control and can appear intimidating, unfriendly and unapproachable.  It is also often seen as a sign of low confidence and can be worn at times to hide from the world around us.! However, all of us do wear black at some stage, often if we have had a bereavement and are feeling down or insecure. Black also means power and control.

Considering their earning power I can’t understand why they don’t get professional help. Adrian Chiles has no doubt had professional help recently and now wears great bright light colours, medium tone suits and looks great.

Whereas Jamie Rednapp only seems to know black and navy and with his great bright looks could wear some strong contrasting colours, obviously allowing for TV. He can easily get some image advice as I  live down the road!

Let me have your views.

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  1. Ann Wright says:


    I totally agree, and have often felt the same. It’s often as if the whole panel has agreed on the same dull look – though often it seems to reflect their dour personalities! My company provides media training, and we always talk about clothing. It’s often a case of finding a happy medium with colours though, as if they’re too bright or have too many patterns can be distracting from what people are saying. The additonal complication is people have to dress to suit their role (a corporate lawyer would dress differently from a farmer for example. I hope you don’t mind me directing you to my my blog on What Not to Wear on TV: http://bit.ly/ib7FBo, which has some more advice.

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