Wimbledon – Tennis and Physical Appearance

By Angela, 30th Jun 2009

Many people including John Alexander, are appalled by the decision of the All England Club to take the physical appearance of women into consideration when planning their schedule for Centre Court matches at Wimbledon and I have to agree.

As an image consultant(Angela Marshall of Appearance Management) who helps people to make the most of their Appearance.Says ” I always say “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” and therefore we shouldn’t judge who is the best looking. However, being well groomed and well presented is important as we don’t like to look as poorly presented people. As a fan of tennis and regularly go to Wimbledon the key think I like is that people go to watch good tennis and enjoy players who look well presented, play extremely well and are fighters. Unlike Ascot were so many go to have a good time and get drunk. The best players need to be split amongst the top main courts so that the top paid spectators have a good chance of seeing good tennis. Being on No 1 court this year there was some very stylish players e.g. Dementieva and Kulikova.

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  1. Johnny Fabry says:

    A great blog post makes you think and you’ve certainly given me a few tid bits to consider.

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