Wimbledon Tennis – Players Manners

By Angela Marshall, 27th Jun 2014


Wimbledon Centre Court

Wimbledon Lawn Tennis 2014

I have loved watching players and going to Wimbledon  since I was a little girl. It is a great place to feel British as people are dressed smart without having to be overdressed. Plus most corporate entertainment is about watching the tennis players and not about boozing!!

There are strict rules about players wearing white and this year they have even needed to include rules on underwear, so as to avoid the tangerine experiences of last year.

Tennis Players and Good Manners

Angelique Kerber and Heather Watson

My biggest complaint is that when a match is finished the loser often leaves court before the other player. However, yesterday, Germany’s Angelique Kerber played the British player Heather Watson and was courteous to wait to leave the court with Heather. Plus she then spent sometime signing autographs, including to Chelsea Pensioners, ensuring she returned the pen to the appropriate person. This is a great example of politeness, being courteous and considerate to your opponent.  Bring back players waiting for each other to leave the court!

From a positive note, the BBC commentary team are universally positive, humorous and polite!

Picture credit: BBC Sport



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