Your Appearance Gives out Messages About You

By Angela Marshall, 27th Feb 2014

Business team people group crowd full lengthThe way we dress has an impact on the subconscious and affects people’s views about us and their behaviour towards us. The way we dress is the first thing noticed and the last thing forgotten. We cannot please everyone but we can aim to communicate who we are, our personality and how good we are by having a little attention to detail.

Our appearance will give out messages to people who will in seconds decide whether they like us, trust us and want to do business with us. The way we look conveys various messages  – our sex, age, status and wealth and what type of person we are likely to be. It reveals how conservative, trendy, dramatic or creative we are. When we dress well, including being well groomed, and walk with confidence we give out a positive message that we know who we are and where we are going.

What message do you give out?

So ask yourself what is your appearance saying about you? What message do you wish to communicate? No doubt you will wish to communicate different messages in different situations, particularly between your private and business life.

We are all in the business of promoting ourselves, either directly or indirectly. You may have views on how good you look but have you ever stood back and really analysed yourself or asked for honest feedback on how you come across to others.  You may be surprised on what comments you will receive.

  • Learning how to change aspects of our appearance whether they are large or small can change people’s reaction to us.
  • Even subtle changes in our style or colour of clothes or accessories, together with our body language, will improve reactions.

Benefits of a Good Appearance

Good appearance makes you feel good, it gives you self-confidence, projects a positive image and in turn people are more positive to you, which makes you more confident.

Learn to understand how to make the best of yourself. Practise having positive body language; ensure your clothes fit you well and that the styles of clothes compliment your shape and represent your personality. If there are certain people you admire then take notes of why and learn from them, but ensure you represent you as we are all individuals.

Next week I will give some reminders and tips on how to give the right impression to suit you and your personality.

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