Your Personal Image and Brand Includes Customer Service

By Angela Marshall, 10th Jun 2011

Your personal image and personal brand is affected by how good you are with your customers. As an ambassador for your company, by giving not just a good but an excellent service you stand out from the crowd and your customers will remember you. It’s employees not companies that give great service. When people are happy with your product and services they tell other people who in turn will use you. Great customer service is about building an excellent relationship with your customer and making them feel special. We judge people on the way they look, the way they sound and the way they behave.

Whether customers are purchasing your products or services “Offline or online” they are looking for a stress- free, convenient, pleasant shopping experience. Exceeding the customers’ expectations is essential and a great asset to your company, your personal brand and personal image.

7 things to ensure you give great customer service:

  1. First moments – The first moments are vital, greet your customer in a friendly way and with a smile even when answering the phone. It makes people feel welcomed and on the phone your voice will sound warmer and friendlier. Face to face ensure you have good eye contact, the enthusiasm and the desire to serve.
  2. Listen to what your customer’s needs are and offer what is best for your client.
  3. Deliver what you promise – Don’t make promises you cannot deliver, go back to the customer if the time, date, product or service needs to change.
  4. Complaints– always deal with complaints quickly and in an understanding manner and apologise if your company has made a mistake. Most people are forgiving as long as you deal with the problem and sort it out. Offer something else or an extra in return, particularly if it has caused a problem to your customer.
  5. Think PEOPLE – passionate, engaging, obliging, polite, learned, enthusiastic.
  6. Stand out from the crowd – Provide great customer service that distinguishes your business from your competitors. Ensure your customer “feels special.”
  7. Outshine your competitors –exceed your customers expectations and give a bit extra, go the extra mile.

Restaurants are a good example, having a meal for £50 includes the costs, but this is only a small part. The key part, for you to return, is the enjoyment, which is about the way the food is made, presented, the atmosphere and, significantly, the ‘service’.

Customers want to deal with businesses that give great customer service, and as always, they will vote with their money and tell other people which in turn will bring them back in hordes.

Think what companies give you great service and I expect you will find the directors or bosses ensure they give regular training  their employees.

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