Your Wardrobe

By Angela Marshall, 12th Aug 2010


Your Wardrobe

Do you know that studies have shown that most people wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time. Most women have too many clothes and say they have nothing to wear and most men still have in their wardrobe the jeans they wore in university or in their teens and think one day they will wear them. Really, and will you look the same? Do you still look like you did then, are you not older and more mature?

Most of us want to learn, change and develop during our lives and yet so many people do not learn what clothes they should have to suit their body shape, colouring and most importantly their personality or plan and buy items to reflect their lifestyle and budget. The result is people spend money on items of clothes they are not happy with and don’t wear. Purchase items that their friends or family persuade them to buy which reflect their wardrobe personality and not theirs.

Do you sort, organise and plan your wardrobe? Like any project it gives good results.

7 tips on Sorting Your Wardrobe

  1. Start 4 piles, one for the clothes you love (and go back in the wardrobe), one for ones to go out, one for items need mending and one for not sure and then ask:
  2. Has the item seen it better days, is it still wearable?
  3. Will I wear it again or does it not suit me or I don’t like it – wrong personality?
  4. Does it fit me? Is it too small, too big or wrong shape?
  5. Do I need it in my lifestyle – moved on, too young?
  6. Love it madly, need it badly or I get rid of it?
  7. Give items to charity , sell them on ebay or contact Shelter and donate items to those who need may be glad of them.

Your wardrobe should be an extension of your personality, read my book on wardrobe personality (“Being Truly You – Discovering Your Own unique Wardrobe Personality” ) by keeping in mind the following basic principles you can have the perfect wardrobe on a budget that reflects your style.

Does anything need to be altered to make it work? Can I add some accessories to give the right look? I help clients change items to a new look e.g. pin up hemlines to a more flattering length, change the shape of sleeves, add darts to create shaping – there are all sorts of alteration options available to increase the lifespan and wearability of a garment.


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