Good Grooming a Must to Look Your Best

By Angela Marshall, 27th Nov 2014

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I was recently having a coffee at Waterloo station in London and opposite was sitting an extremely well dressed gentleman and what made him stand out compared to other people was not his suit but how well groomed he was. When someone is neat, tidy and well presented, whether they are dressed in formal or informal attire, they send signals to others about who they are. Good grooming pays dividends; it has a subtle but powerful influence on how you feel and look. It can affect the outcome you have on people in life.

Animals regularly clean themselves and put their fur, feathers or other  skin coverings in good order, as keeping clean is the most hygienic way of staying healthy. Cats are meticulously clean; they spend a large portion of their day grooming.

Personal grooming is about taking care of your appearance and body and being well groomed is about perfecting the finer details. Regardless of your income, background or lifestyle, modern women and men have no excuse for being badly groomed.  When you are clean, polished and look presentable people straight away think you are professional in your work and are more trustworthy than someone who looks scruffy.  Simply by attending to minor details you will convey confidence and self-esteem and it transforms your appearance. You may have the appropriate clothes that suit you but poor grooming will ruin your entire look.

Make time to examine your clothes regularly for dirty marks, lost buttons, split seams, tears or loose hems.  Always check, before going out, in a full-length mirror how your clothes look on you from front and back and check them during the day when you go to the toilet or washroom. Being well groomed some days and not others indicates you are not consistent and therefore not reliable.

To be well groomed all the time requires a routine with good habits.

7 Reminders for Presentable Grooming:

  1. Good hygiene – good body odour, skin clean and looking fresh, clean teeth and fresh breath. Have healthy teeth that look white and regularly visit a dentist.
  2. Nails – clean well manicured nails and feet.
  3. Hair – clean and presentable hair.
  4. Clothing Care – neatly pressed clothes, check your clothes for stains.
  5. Shoes– polished shoes and in good repair.
  6. Fragrances – be wary of using strong fragrances especially in business situations.
  7. Clothes co-ordinated –no visible lines or dark colours under light

Image Breakers

  • Dirty and poorly manicured nails, chipped nail varnish.
  • Poor hygiene – dull or dry skin, dirty or bad teeth, bad breathe.
  • Greasy or lank hair.
  • Clothes dirty, creased or in disrepair.
  • Badly co-ordinated clothes – visible pants line, sports shoes with a suit, seeing bra through top.
  • Torn or laddered tights
  • Scuffed or unpolished shoes.
  • Scruffy handbag/briefcase/pen.
  • Dated appearance.

A scruffy dresser is an indication they are untidy workers.

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