Say Thank You When You Receive a Gift

By Angela Marshall, 23rd Oct 2014


Receiving a Gift

When a person has gone to the trouble of giving you a gift it is only polite to say thank you. We should appreciate the act of giving and the time it took to think of the gift, buy it and possibly wrap it. If a person has arranged for it to be sent it is even more important to thank, so they know you have received it.

If it is a personal friend a written note is still the best but at least a text, email or phone call is better than nothing. So often people forget or never get around to it.  It isn’t necessary to go overboard in expressing our gratitude; it doesn’t have to be long and complicated, but it is most important it is done.

If we do not express gratitude, our relationship might change because we are giving the impression that we don’t care about the other person.

Gifts can be accepted in different ways

In the western world gifts are generally opened at once unless it is for a specific day in the future. However, if you take a bottle of wine to your host they may well not open it as they have already gone to the trouble to arrange the meal with appropriate wines.

Different Cultures for Giving and Receiving a Gift

There are cultural differences, so it is important if you are in another country or visiting a country you are aware of these differences.

In the Western world people are fairly relaxed but others can be more formal, it is important to know and understand the culture.

For example:


  • Present gift with both hands.
  • Do not open gifts in front of the giver.
  • Acknowledge immediately and in writing.


  • Don’t give a clock. It is a reminder that time is passing.
  • In business, a gift is given to the organization not to the individual.
  • Refuse a gift 3 times, and then accept reluctantly.
  • Avoid white paper.


  • Yellow flowers signify death.
  • Don’t give knives: it means the severing of friendship.


  • Nothing made of pigskin

 Western Europe:

  • Flowers – avoid white lilies as they can signify death.

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