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It is known that companies prefer to promote candidates that are attractive, but attractiveness covers many things. Looking and feeling good, having good manners, being well groomed as well as being well presented and conducting yourself with good communication skills, confidence and style. We are all judged on the way we look, sound and behave. The better we are at these the more chance we will be seen as an attractive candidate when looking for a job.

With so many people applying for the same job it is important to make yourself as attractive as possible.

At Appearance Management we help people to look, feel and be their very best.

British Afternoon Tea

By Angela, 17th Aug 2009

It is becoming recognised that we need to be more conventional and conservative in our values and that grooming and good social etiquette are the key to being successful.

Networking – In the United States, the British afternoon tea has become a fashionable way to meet and greet people and create relationships either for business or personal reasons. It is also becoming more popular in London. I certainly enjoy meeting prospective clients, clients and friends for a chat for afternoon tea Sofitel in St James, who have a great selection of teas accompanied by Pariesiennes pastries (especially the cup cakes). It is one for my favourite and for a less extravagant tea there is also City Inn Westminster who make some great scones.

It is a wonderful way to introduce yourself to people in a stylish and elegant way and it gives you a great opportunity to give a good image and show your social graces and good manners.






Tribute to Michael Jackson

By Angela Marshall, 28th Jun 2009

Since Michael Jackson died on 25TH June tributes all round the world have been made and radio and TV stations have been continually playing his music. He certainly had a great talent not only with music but also with his dancing routine. He has changed music and the way songs have been performed. I personally have never seen anyone move so well and perform so professionally has him. Stuart and I have been “Motown” fans, which got us talking when we first met. We were lucky enough to see The Jacksons and Michael Jackson perform on several occasions.

He had a dress style of his won that reflected who he was and as I mentioned in my book he was a “Creative” personality, but also a “Gamin” that typically strived for perfection in his music and dancing profession. I like others have been playing many of his songs and like Elvis a talent that has left us with many great memories.

Manners and Social Skills for Kids

By Angela Marshall, 28th Jun 2009

The school summer break is nearly upon us, why not over the summer holidays make the most of the time to remind or teach your children good manners and social skills. They may not appreciate it at the time, but it is one of those things that they will thank you for later in life. The sooner you teach your children, the easier it will be for them as they get older. Good manners do not come by themselves, they need to be taught. Also, not all children find it easy to make new friends yet encouraging them whilst they are young will help them in later life. These skills will give them confidence when dining with strangers and generally mixing with new people. You never know it may refresh and improve your own manners at the same time!

Letter Writing

Letter writing has made a comeback, with thank-you letters and handwritten notes replacing emails and texts. Encourage your children to send postcards to grandparents, relatives or friends. It will encourage them to use their imagination for essays and perhaps be a start to being a future author!

Check out further information and ideas on social-skills-for-children


I had a very interesting chat with Roy Basnetton of CityTalk 105.9 based in Liverpool, on 13 May.  We chatted about several topics including the importance of image, wardrobe personality- how the way you dress gives out information about you and how I think Casual Friday should change to Etiquette Friday.

To hear my thoughts and views, have a listen (note: the file may take a while to load…)

Great fun!  Let me know what you think.

Corporate Meeting Etiquette

By Angela, 22nd May 2009

When attending a meeting you should stand when a senior manager or top executive enters the room. Then wait until they offer their hand and when shaking hands ensure you always have a firm grip (although don’t squeeze). And look directly in the eye when greeting them.

Remember: Always be conscious that your mannerisms reflect on your professionalism and that of your companies.

Fo more information contact Appearance Management






7 Tips – Delivering a Presentation

By Angela Marshall, 22nd May 2009


Now more than ever, in the present financial climate when there is stiff competition  it is important to deliver a good presentation whether pitching for work or a job interview. First impressions count, so when you are giving that important presentation think carefully about the situation and dress accordingly. Plan and prepare not only your presentation but also your personal image.

7 Tips:

  1.  Remember to be well groomed
  2. Ensure your clothes fit you well
  3. If presenting as a team think about co-ordination and your corporate brand (you don’t want the team’s clothes clashing).
  4. Ensure your clothes are not too hot or cold that you will feel uncomfortable
  5. Dress appropriately but also reflect your wardrobe personality as well as your corporate brand.
  6.  Feel comfortable and enjoy yourself.
  7. Think positive and be confident.


For more information please check out our website  Appearance Management

Susan Boyle – Britain’s Got Talent

By Angela, 17th Apr 2009

Suddenly Susan Boyle is all the talk, with large numbers of hits on YouTube.  Yes your appearance does say a lot about you, but it doesn’t say what type of voice you have and my goodness what a great voice she has. A natural singer.

Several people have sent Appearance Management messages suggesting we should help her with her image. We suggest, for the time being stick with who you are (perhaps some minor changes as the competition develops) and then change your style as you change and develop. Whatever happens,  Susan, dress so that you feel good as well as look good and be true to yourself – your wardrobe personality .  With the new fame your wardrobe personality will want to adapt and develop with you.

The key will be to learn to understand how to develop your own style which is suited to your body shape, life style, wardrobe personality, career goals and budget. 

This applies to us all through the various stages of our lives.

City Bankers and their Image

By Angela, 2nd Oct 2008

How a professional image can change in a very short time and yet it will take longer for City Bankers to be regarded as credible in the eyes of the general public. It is typically the 80:20 theory, only a small percentage of City Bankers have caused this problem, now the best way forward is for the banking industry to change the perception of who they are to the public. Each person’s individual personal image can make a difference.                       

In the current economic climate being brash, arrogant and flaunting your success is not a good personal image. I can think of one particular person who shines as an example to the world. Sadly last week Paul Newman died, one of the greatest stars in films over the last century. He knew how to behave, was a true gentleman, kind and thoughtful who gave no end to charity. He is an excellent example of how to behave as an gentleman, who didn’t abuse his good looks and charm, but instead was considerate to others less fortunate and yet enjoyed life to the full in a very positive and constructive way. Plus a happy and loving husband for over 50 years, a rarity in the movie world. Who said classic men are out of date?

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