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Thinking of getting a New Look?

By Angela Marshall, 5th Feb 2010

If you want to start the decade with a new wardrobe, hair style or makeup, first ask yourself what you want to change? Do you want to look more professional, smarter, more up to date, thinner or younger? To get things moving choose one or two things that you will undertake immediately.  Just a few steps and you will already start to feel transformed.

7 ideas to Consider:

1. Changing your hairstyle – when did you last change your hairstyle? Is it dated or not working for you? As we get older our hairstyle needs to change in keeping with our face and the texture of our hair. Don’t get in a rut by keeping the same hairstyle, a new look gives us a new lease of life and is well worth investing in.

2. Clothes that flatter with style and fit – Be self aware; there is no substitute for understanding which are your better and which are your weaker areas. Accentuate the good and neutralise the bad e. g. Do you have a short or long body? If short then avoid a thick belt and wear a longer top to lengthen your upper body. Do you have a long or short neck? If short avoid high necklines.

Ask for style advice, if necessary, you’ll save a lot of time shopping and avoid costly mistakes.

3. What shades of colours work for you? Do certain blues make you look pale or yellows make you sallow? If unsure have a colour consultation. It will make shopping easier and you will look more radiant wearing the shades that suit you.

Colour also affects our emotions and influences people; colour can lift our spirits or helps us to look approachable, assertive or happy.

4.   Your clothes should reflect your wardrobe personality. Understanding what styles, fabrics and accessories you feel as well as look good in will ensure you do not waste time or money picking up items on impulse that you won’t wear. Key to this is knowing what styles, fabrics and accessories suit your personality, and these will differ depending on whether you are more creative, conservative, dramatic, fashion fad, or casual.

Read my books Being Truly You – Discovering Your Own Unique Wardrobe Personality” which include a questionnaire to complete to find out which you are.

5.    Know what accessories you enjoy. Whether you like little and simple plain items, lots of fancy details or few bold pieces, accessories are a great way to add style and your own personality to an outfit, as well as updating or changing your look.

6. Ensure you have the suitable undergarments – such as a correctly fitted bra and style of underwear that create smooth lines so that only the outer garments are noticed.

7. Get good advice and follow it. Get another point of view, from someone you trust. We all can get into a rut and stick to what we’re comfortable with, even if it’s not suiting us.  Remember, we change as we get older.

Over the years, many men and women have turned to Appearance Manangment for image consultant advice which has helped them towards changing their lives either in their career or personal life. When you feel good about yourself, things begin to fall into place rapidly and new opportunities present themselves with much more clarity and purpose.


In today’s competitive world doing a good job is what you are paid for, but looking stylish and giving that little bit extra will make the difference and help you to stand out from the crowd in a positive way.

Ask yourself:

  • How well do I represent my business and job with my appearance?
  • How well dressed am I today and how well are you representing your business brand?
  • Do you look good every day, not some days  (you need to show you are consistent in your appearance, as it indicates you are with your work).
  • Who are you and what type of business do you represent – creative, conservative, trendy or more relaxed in style.

I have been an image consultant , running my own business Appearance Management, for 15  years and help people with their personal image. I have written  books, “Being Truly You – Discovering your Own Unique Wardrobe Personality “, one for men and one for women,  which has a questionnaire so that you can work out your wardorbe personalities, often one more in work and one more in your personal life.

For more information check out wardrobe personality or to order a copy of my book Being Truly You.

What a personality – Barbara Windsor

By Angela Marshall, 28th Oct 2009

I have just read that Barbara Windsor is to leave Eastenders. I am sure she will be missed. When I wrote my books called “Being Truly You – Discovering Your Own Unique Wardrobe Personality” it was easy to categorise Barbara Windsor’s wardrobe personality  as an Ingénue. She is very theatrical, flamboyant, and full of energy and always on the go. An Ingénue stays youthful, girlish and likes her own way and can be impish will a sparkle in her eye.  She likes to look pretty and colourful. Often they marry men much younger than them self.

No doubt she will not fully retire from our screens. I wish her well.

What Image does Casual Cameron Convey?

By Angela Marshall, 17th Feb 2009

David Cameron, an ex PR guru, knows what he is doing when he attends an event in casual wear as he did on Sunday at a cartoon premiere event with his wife. Dressed in jeans and trainers, may to him have looked cool, but about summed up the state of the economy. Is this what we expect from the future leader of this country? Is he out of date not up to date?

President Obama is encouraging young Americans to smarten up and look good and have some self respect.  Sir Paul Stephenson, the new Metropolitan Police Commissioner, has called for officers to smarten up their appearance and embrace the “old-fashioned” values, that every officer must remember “the 5 Ps- professionalism, pride, presence, productivity, performance. Our clothes give out messages about ourselves and what we are like as a person. Hence, why I wrote my books on wardrobe personality called “Being Truly You” to help people to look, feel and be their very best!

For goodness sake, Mr Cameron, as an image consultant, I ask you to please get in touch with the smart 50s and 80s fashion and look like a future Prime Minister and encourage the rest of Britain to have some self respect, professionalism, pride and presence and the country may then get back on its feet with good productivity and performance.

Angela Marshall – Live on Video!!!!!

By Angela, 31st Oct 2008

I’m so excited – my very first video is available right now.

Take a look and see what my clients say about me and why I differ from any other image consultant … Understanding 10 different Wardrobe Personalities.

Please let me know what you think by adding a comment.

My FIRST Video!

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