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Having good manners and professional etiquette are often ignored and yet are so significant, as they are part of your personal image. Manners have become more relaxed, especially when meeting the Royal family, however there are still many rules that are timeless and expected as part of professional manners. The key thing is to always treat people with consideration and respect, although this should be obvious, it is frequently a casualty in many workplaces.

In a business environment this means understanding the critical factors that can make or break a business meeting; impress a potential client or influence a first impression on your first day in a new job. When attending a meeting you should stand when a senior manager or top executive enters the room. Then wait until they offer their hand and when shaking hands ensure you always have a firm grip (although don’t squeeze). And look directly in the eye when greeting them. If you are the host ensure you offer your hand to your guest and welcome them with a smile.

 Remember: Always be conscious that your mannerisms reflect on your professionalism and that of your company’s business.

Appearance Management includes etiquette and manners as part of their workshops and personal consultations.

Susan Boyle – Britain’s Got Talent

By Angela, 17th Apr 2009

Suddenly Susan Boyle is all the talk, with large numbers of hits on YouTube.  Yes your appearance does say a lot about you, but it doesn’t say what type of voice you have and my goodness what a great voice she has. A natural singer.

Several people have sent Appearance Management messages suggesting we should help her with her image. We suggest, for the time being stick with who you are (perhaps some minor changes as the competition develops) and then change your style as you change and develop. Whatever happens,  Susan, dress so that you feel good as well as look good and be true to yourself – your wardrobe personality .  With the new fame your wardrobe personality will want to adapt and develop with you.

The key will be to learn to understand how to develop your own style which is suited to your body shape, life style, wardrobe personality, career goals and budget. 

This applies to us all through the various stages of our lives.

Sarah Palin’s budget on her Wardrobe

By Angela Marshall, 31st Oct 2008

Lots of discussion in the media on the cost of Sarah Palin’s wardrobe. I see on Youtube she comments on how they are not her clothes and that she will be returning them. However, if I had given money towards the Republican’s campaign would I want the money going towards her wardrobe. No way. She should wear clothes from her wardrobe, get advice from the experts – such as Appearance Management. Show her voters she can be an example on how to look good and within her lifestyle and budget. The”cost per wear” is very high in her case!

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