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Networking – The Eyes Have It!

By Angela, 30th Sep 2009


Lots of people are networking these days and looking for new business. Some people are new at it and some, like me, have been networking for many years. It can be very daunting, walking into a room full of strangers, but our body language can give out very positive messages as well as helping us feel good about ourselves.  For example our eyes are normally the first thing people notice and they can be made to look bright and breezy, and can unconsciously communicate interest or boredom.  As part of Appearance Management image workshops we discuss body language. They are an essential element in our body language and together with a smile can convey a warm welcome or, alternatively, the opposite.
A smile costs nothing but gives much and fosters goodwill in business and is the sign of friendship”.“Eyes reveal joy and elation as much as they uncover sadness, melancholy and distress.”


British Afternoon Tea

By Angela, 17th Aug 2009

It is becoming recognised that we need to be more conventional and conservative in our values and that grooming and good social etiquette are the key to being successful.

Networking – In the United States, the British afternoon tea has become a fashionable way to meet and greet people and create relationships either for business or personal reasons. It is also becoming more popular in London. I certainly enjoy meeting prospective clients, clients and friends for a chat for afternoon tea Sofitel in St James, who have a great selection of teas accompanied by Pariesiennes pastries (especially the cup cakes). It is one for my favourite and for a less extravagant tea there is also City Inn Westminster who make some great scones.

It is a wonderful way to introduce yourself to people in a stylish and elegant way and it gives you a great opportunity to give a good image and show your social graces and good manners.







I had a very interesting chat with Roy Basnetton of CityTalk 105.9 based in Liverpool, on 13 May.  We chatted about several topics including the importance of image, wardrobe personality- how the way you dress gives out information about you and how I think Casual Friday should change to Etiquette Friday.

To hear my thoughts and views, have a listen (note: the file may take a while to load…)

Great fun!  Let me know what you think.

Susan Boyle – Britain’s Got Talent

By Angela, 17th Apr 2009

Suddenly Susan Boyle is all the talk, with large numbers of hits on YouTube.  Yes your appearance does say a lot about you, but it doesn’t say what type of voice you have and my goodness what a great voice she has. A natural singer.

Several people have sent Appearance Management messages suggesting we should help her with her image. We suggest, for the time being stick with who you are (perhaps some minor changes as the competition develops) and then change your style as you change and develop. Whatever happens,  Susan, dress so that you feel good as well as look good and be true to yourself – your wardrobe personality .  With the new fame your wardrobe personality will want to adapt and develop with you.

The key will be to learn to understand how to develop your own style which is suited to your body shape, life style, wardrobe personality, career goals and budget. 

This applies to us all through the various stages of our lives.

What Image does Casual Cameron Convey?

By Angela Marshall, 17th Feb 2009

David Cameron, an ex PR guru, knows what he is doing when he attends an event in casual wear as he did on Sunday at a cartoon premiere event with his wife. Dressed in jeans and trainers, may to him have looked cool, but about summed up the state of the economy. Is this what we expect from the future leader of this country? Is he out of date not up to date?

President Obama is encouraging young Americans to smarten up and look good and have some self respect.  Sir Paul Stephenson, the new Metropolitan Police Commissioner, has called for officers to smarten up their appearance and embrace the “old-fashioned” values, that every officer must remember “the 5 Ps- professionalism, pride, presence, productivity, performance. Our clothes give out messages about ourselves and what we are like as a person. Hence, why I wrote my books on wardrobe personality called “Being Truly You” to help people to look, feel and be their very best!

For goodness sake, Mr Cameron, as an image consultant, I ask you to please get in touch with the smart 50s and 80s fashion and look like a future Prime Minister and encourage the rest of Britain to have some self respect, professionalism, pride and presence and the country may then get back on its feet with good productivity and performance.

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