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How to Have a Great Wardrobe – Step 2

By Angela Marshall, 19th Sep 2013

IMG_9504How to Have a Great Wardrobe – Step 2 Organise Your Clothes

Having a great wardrobe makes life so much easier, both for getting dressed as well as looking good for whatever you do in your lifestyle.

Last session was about sorting your wardrobe. Step Two – the next step – is about “Organising Your Wardrobe”, putting the clothes you want to wear back in your wardrobe but organising them into some order so you can easily decide what to wear and quickly choose different items to wear on different occasions.

Here are 7 tips on how to organise the clothes you wear in the Wardrobe:

  1. Hang or fold in drawers your clothes in groups e.g. women – jackets, suits, skirts, trousers, jeans, blouses, dresses. Men – shirts (casual/formal), trousers, suits, jeans, t-shirts and jumpers. Hang outfits separately unless only worn together e.g. suit.
  2. Store similar shades of colours together (put a different colour between black and navy).
  3. Shoes should be in shoe-trees and either in boxes or on a rack.
  4. Hang belts on a belt hanger, in order to prevent cracking.
  5. Keep jewellery and cufflinks in a box neatly. Stones and pearls should be kept separately in order not to scratch.
  6. Fold scarves in a drawer or hang over a hanger.
  7. Remember to sort underwear, swimwear and nightwear.

Next week I shall discuss Step 3- Planning What You Have and What You Need in your wardrobe.


How to Have a Great Wardrobe – Step One

By Angela Marshall, 12th Sep 2013


Having a great wardrobe makes life easier when getting dressed each morning as well as helping you to keep to a budget. You will also feel a lot happier with your clothes which in turn gives you confidence.

The first stage for achieving this is to sort your wardrobe. By finding out what you have in your wardrobe you will have a better idea of what clothes you already have to wear to suit you and your lifestyle. You can then plan what items you need rather than going out and buying items you don’t need.

Sort Your Wardrobe

Firstly,  get rid of clothes you don’t wear, too old or don’t fit. You need to sort out what items you need to suit you and your present day lifestyle. Often only 20% of your wardrobe is worn 80% of the time. A wardrobe makeover leaves you feeling a lot happier with your wardrobe.

Here are some suggestions on how to clear out all the items in your wardrobe/s. Do this by taking all your clothes out of your wardrobe, cupboards or drawers and then divide them into five piles:

Five piles:

  1. Clothes that are too worn and old – go to the clothes bin or give to charity.
  2. Clothes you know you will definitely not wear – sell on eBay or give to charity.
  3. Clothes you definitely wear and look and feel good in; put back in the wardrobe.
  4. Clothes that need minor repairs – get them repaired or put in pile 1.
  5. The hardest! Items you do not wear because :
    • They don’t fit – wrong size
    • When you try them on you are not sure you like them.
    •  You don’t have anything to go with them.
    •  You just don’t want to part with them

Do not put them back into your wardrobe; put them in another wardrobe or a bin liner, if you have not worn them after 6-12 months then ask yourself  “why are you keeping them?” If you think it is because you have gone up or down a size ask yourself if you go back to that size will you wear the item? If you try the clothes on and you not sure you like them then wear them for a day or a few hours and ask yourself, when you take them off, did you feel good in them? If you didn’t then definitely get rid of the item. (Either wrong style or wrong personality type for you and learn from your mistake).

You will find you have a lot less in your wardrobe but you will have items you like and wear. Sort the items into categories and then colour e.g. skirts (women), tops, trousers, jackets. Then within those categories – black, grey, navy, blue etc.

This is the first step to ensuring your wardrobe works for you everyday, every occasion.  Step 2 to follow next week. Why not sign up to receive my blogs.

How to Have a Great Wardrobe for Everyday Needs

By Angela Marshall, 5th Sep 2013



With the weather starting to get colder in the morning and evening it will not be long before the autumn/winter clothes will need to be used. Now is a good time to check out the season’s clothes and get your wardrobe ready.  Some time spent on your wardrobe now will help you to have a “Wardrobe for your Everyday Needs”. If your life has changed then so does your wardrobe need to change!  Not only will it ensure you always “look the part” but your clothes also help you to “think the part!”

Having a Great Wardrobe

A great wardrobe is one that gives you a selection of clothes that mix and match, to suit your everyday needs, so that when you get up in the morning or go out in the evening you can quickly choose what to wear. A great wardrobe doesn’t happen overnight but takes some time. It is an ongoing project that needs to be adapted as your life changes. It needs to be checked out at least twice a year, preferably autumn and spring.

Taking some time to plan and organise your wardrobe is well worthwhile and it has long-term benefits and brings great results. It will also save you time and money.  Most people wear 20 per cent of their wardrobe 80 percent of the time, but it needs to be the other way around; the 20 per cent being the special occasional wear. Your wardrobe needs to suit your lifestyle and budget, but most importantly, the clothes need to make you feel good as well as look good. You don’t need to have lots of clothes to achieve this.

Your clothes need to reflect your wardrobe personality, body shape, lifestyle  and budget. It needs colours that compliment your natural colouring and make you look and feel good all the time not some of the time.

Over the next few weeks I shall give you guidance on the various stages to achieve a great wardrobe. This information, will help you achieve goals as well as give you great confidence and will help you throughout the rest of your life.


Are you planning on looking smarter and feeling better this year? If so then the first thing you need to do is sort and plan your wardrobe. This doesn’t need to cost money but you will feel a lot better when you have the clothes in your wardrobe you are actually wearing.

As an image consultant I help people to have a wardrobe of clothes that they enjoy and suit their colouring, bodyshape and that represent at their lifestyle and wardrobe personality.

Tips on how to give your wardrobe a makeover:

  1. Take all your clothes out and only put back what you are wearing and enjoy.
  2. Get rid of clothes you do not like or are worn out.
  3. Put the clothes you do not wear but do not want to chuck out into another wardrobe, bin liner or somewhere that isn’t in your wardrobe.
  4. Put your clothes in sections e.g. suits, trousers, shirts, tops, skirts, jumpers etc.
  5. Look at the clothes you have and see how you can mix and match the items.
  6. Make a list of what you need
  7. Don’t forget accessories change your look and an easy way to change or update your clothes

If you need help then contact Appearance Management

Looking Good and Feeling Good

By Angela Marshall, 30th Sep 2009

People often complain about how they look and feel and yet are not prepared to do anything about it, particularly women. They will often buy the same things that are already sitting in the back of their wardrobe or purchase items that make them feel worse about themselves. Men will avoid shopping and purchasing clothes as they don’t feel good in and pretend they don’t care about their appearance. Understanding your wardrobe personality is the first step to feeling good. The second is understanding what styles suit your body shape and compliment you. It is not about being fat or too thin. More about wearing the right clothes to suit your shape and proportion, wearing the wrong styles will not compliment you whatever your shape and size. Thirdly wearing the correct shades of colours will help you look bright and healthy. Finally sort, organise and plan your wardrobe before you shop. You will save so much more money and be happer with a well planned wardrobe.

Since becoming an image consultant, 14 years ago, I am much happier with my wardrobe and feel and look who I truly am – “Being Truly You”. The title of my book for men and women on wardrobe personality.

Start changing your life, feeling and looking good helps you to be more confident.

“Appearance Managementfocuses on getting you to look, feel and be your very best”

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Building a Successful Wardrobe

By Angela Marshall, 30th Sep 2009

Stylist Gok Wan says “Shop less, wear more”. How true.


I watch so many women shopping that haven’t given any thought to what they are buying, what it will go with or when they will wear it. Often people panic buy or don’t recognise what suits their colouring, body shape or wardrobe personality and therefore are ultimately not happy with the item when they get it home.
As an image consultant I have noticed:
Women – Too many women say they have ‘nothing to wear’ whether it’s for work, a special occasion or going out for the evening. Yet they have lots of clothes in their wardrobes. This is where the 80:20 theory comes in. Often 80% are clothes that don’t fit, suit their personality or are inappropriate for their lifestyle; there may also be too much black. The result is they only wear 20% of the clothes in their wardrobe.Men – generally don’t sort out their wardrobes.  They hoard things so their wardrobe is full of old clothes and often ‘make do’ on weekends. They need to build a wardrobe to suit the activities they have in their lives e.g. business meetings, sporting events, dinner with friends, going out to eat, school events, entertaining at work or at home. The need to ensure they dress for their business and social life, you never know who you may meet and first impressions count for ALL occasions.



7 Tips


  1. Sort out your wardrobe, get rid of what you don’t wear or at least put it in a  different place.
  2. Organise what you have and check out what you need.
  3. Mend items that need repair.
  4. Send items, which need it, to the cleaners.
  5. Basics – acquire those first.
  6. Mix and match – gone are the ‘wear-once fast fashion days’, choose items with quality that have longevity and can be teamed with other items.It is one of the best ways to save money on your wardrobe wants.
  7. Shoes and accessories – all you actually need are a few basic designs and colours; these you can use for most events!

Need help with your wardrobe? After seeing Appearance Management, clients find they have a smaller wardrobe yet feel they have more to wear and are surprised how little they need to purchase. Appearance Management will save you money and you will have the 3 Ws – a workable, wearable wardrobe!

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