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Ties are back in and how to choose one

By Angela Marshall, 5th Dec 2009

The Tie – a status symbol

The tie is a key part to looking professional as the eye is instantly drawn to it whether it is a well-chosen tie or a poorly chosen tie. It not only represents who you are (it gives out information about your wardrobe personality), but it also demonstrates how professional you are plus it gives you a sharper image.

Five reasons retailers are seeing an increase in the sale of ties:

1.       People feeling they need to look professional as they are concerned about losing their job

2.       More people are going for interviews for a job

3.       Casual is no longer fashionable in the work place

4.       Skinny ties the latest fashion- worn by footballers, pop stars and in the Mad Men TV show

5.       Tone on tone ties ideal to look professional at work and smart for the evening


What to consider when choosing a tie:


Choose a tie made of good quality silk as it will tie well, avoid polyester as it will not tie well and wrinkle easily.


Generally choose the base colour to match or complement the base colour of the accompanying shirt with accent colours complimenting the colour of the suit or jacket. Choose a solid coloured tie for the most conservative occasions, followed by a striped or dotted pattern tie.

Patterns and Designs

Match patterns and texture of shirts and ties. A plain tie and shirt are the most formal look. A plain shirt and pattern tie give more personality and recently both striped shirts and ties have been fashionable. However they are not so easy to mix and match with other items and it is important to ensure they match in colours, widths and pattern to complement each other.  

There are many patterns of ties to choose from (e.g. polka dots, paisleys, stripe, foulard) and it is important to consider the shape of your face as well as the size of pattern as it should relate to your size of body. 

A Personal Image Consultation

Why not have a style consultation  and colour consultation with Appearance Management who will advise you on what pattern ties and knots to suit your face and will also advice you on the correct shade of colours and how to wear various colours together.

Example of client











Audrey Hepburn – A Gamine Personality

By Angela, 4th Dec 2009

A collection  of Audrey Hepburn’s gowns are going on auction next week. This was a lady with very gamine physique and wardrobe personality. Her style was simple and elegant, neat and compact who always looked precise.  A gamine is good with detail and likes things that interest her to be perfect. She likes her own way, is generally determined and can be obstinate.

To find out about  wardrobe personality you or your partner are  purchase Being Truly You – Discovering Your Own Unique Wardrobe Personality for men or for women. There are 10 wardrobe personalities with a question and answer section together with a chapter with what brands will suit you, styles and accessories. Angela Marshall of Appearance Management is unique with the 10 wardrobe personalities.

What a personality – Barbara Windsor

By Angela Marshall, 28th Oct 2009

I have just read that Barbara Windsor is to leave Eastenders. I am sure she will be missed. When I wrote my books called “Being Truly You – Discovering Your Own Unique Wardrobe Personality” it was easy to categorise Barbara Windsor’s wardrobe personality  as an Ingénue. She is very theatrical, flamboyant, and full of energy and always on the go. An Ingénue stays youthful, girlish and likes her own way and can be impish will a sparkle in her eye.  She likes to look pretty and colourful. Often they marry men much younger than them self.

No doubt she will not fully retire from our screens. I wish her well.

Wimbledon – Stylish Women Players

By Angela, 30th Jun 2009

Many players have followed Roger Feder’s example and are looking  very stylish this year at Wimbledon. They are wearing clothes that reflect thier wardrobe personality  e.g. Serena Williams, Elena Dementieva and Maria Sharapova. There are however several players who are emphasising their weaker body shape areas such as tummies and midriff. They need to understand the best styles to compliment their bodyshape and they will  look and feel loads better in the outfits.

As an image consultant, Angela Marshall of Appearance Management, I would be happy to give them advice for far less money and they would look and feel good amount the clothes.

Tribute to Michael Jackson

By Angela Marshall, 28th Jun 2009

Since Michael Jackson died on 25TH June tributes all round the world have been made and radio and TV stations have been continually playing his music. He certainly had a great talent not only with music but also with his dancing routine. He has changed music and the way songs have been performed. I personally have never seen anyone move so well and perform so professionally has him. Stuart and I have been “Motown” fans, which got us talking when we first met. We were lucky enough to see The Jacksons and Michael Jackson perform on several occasions.

He had a dress style of his won that reflected who he was and as I mentioned in my book he was a “Creative” personality, but also a “Gamin” that typically strived for perfection in his music and dancing profession. I like others have been playing many of his songs and like Elvis a talent that has left us with many great memories.

Susan Boyle – Britain’s Got Talent

By Angela, 17th Apr 2009

Suddenly Susan Boyle is all the talk, with large numbers of hits on YouTube.  Yes your appearance does say a lot about you, but it doesn’t say what type of voice you have and my goodness what a great voice she has. A natural singer.

Several people have sent Appearance Management messages suggesting we should help her with her image. We suggest, for the time being stick with who you are (perhaps some minor changes as the competition develops) and then change your style as you change and develop. Whatever happens,  Susan, dress so that you feel good as well as look good and be true to yourself – your wardrobe personality .  With the new fame your wardrobe personality will want to adapt and develop with you.

The key will be to learn to understand how to develop your own style which is suited to your body shape, life style, wardrobe personality, career goals and budget. 

This applies to us all through the various stages of our lives.

Angela Marshall – Live on Video!!!!!

By Angela, 31st Oct 2008

I’m so excited – my very first video is available right now.

Take a look and see what my clients say about me and why I differ from any other image consultant … Understanding 10 different Wardrobe Personalities.

Please let me know what you think by adding a comment.

My FIRST Video!

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